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With TextMachine 3D you can playback and control video loops flash movies
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TextMachine 3D is a high-level professional tool to help you create animations which include three-dimensional text and models. You can either use existing videos and images from your collection, or create new and original 3D graphics from scratch. You can type or load all kinds of texts, characters, digits, and symbols, and apply any font, color, and shape to them. For a complete multimedia experience, add your favorite audio file and make your 3D images “dance to the beat”.

Your newly created animation can be stored in any of the most popular video formats, from AVI or MPEG to Flash. The output quality is good enough for the most ambitious professional uses, like architectural projection. With this tool, you can design and create your own animation to be projected in buildings, room corners, and in almost any surface and object – the program will adapt your animation to the shape and texture of the selected building or object. Besides, with TextMachine 3D you can prepare your videos for almost any type of multi-screen output.

The possibilities offered by this comprehensive application are endless. Just by making use of the existing presets, layouts, and animation effects, you can easily create impressive 3D graphics that will surely surprise you. If you add your own videos, images, and audio files to the equation, the number of possible combinations grows exponentially.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Professional results for high-quality projections
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